Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Judgment, No. 7

I am actually pretty STOKED for this book. One, I love typewriter keys. Two, I'm obsessed with amnesia-related stories. Three, I read a sample chapter and I love snarky heroines. You that old ABC show, Samantha Who? I loved it, and this is like the melodramatic, teenage-angsty take on that. Basically, a girl hits her head, wakes up, and can't remember anything after 6th grade. Complications arise.

She won't remember friends or why they're friends.

She won't remember puberty (lucky) or how she became who she is.

She won't remember what she cares about, her likes and dislikes.

And she definitely won't remember her boyfriend. Which is probably the heart of the story--her having to decide if she wants to fall in love with Beau #1 or go for the new guy(s). Because, let's face it: every YA novel has a love triangle. Or rectangle. Or hexagon. And with a set-up like this, the author will try to bank on multiple love interests.

That will be the center of attention: is she different enough to love the completely different new guy? Or will she go back to the guy that represents the past she can't remember? There will be the ex, the best friend, and the new bad boy vying for her attention. Naturally, there will probably be no reason for all these guys to want her so badly (except the fact that she's the protagonist. And they have to), but maybe they'll all learn something along the way.

Probably not, but maybe.

And then, adding to the drama, the review online says she eventually remembers everything. So then what! Is a clean slate really a clean slate, or is there something innate that can't be fought, with or without the memories to support and explain? Dun-dun-DUN!
It's going to be quite the soap opera. I just hope it's a good one. 

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