Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Judgment, No. 4

I have always had a thing for dystopian/apocalyptic fiction. And this book has been on my to read for a while. And why not, right? With a catch phrase like that, you just can't really go wrong.

I mean you can. Definitely. But it's all so shiny and crazy looking. A bit melodramatic, sure--what, with the flames and the cut-up font. But it's teenage angst in a messed up world. Even the back cover reads like a movie trailer for a B-grade action movie full of explosions and drawn out shots of pretty people in love. And at least the concept is original: a society split into five "factions" defined by a single characteristic.

So what do we think? It's obviously character driven. And as a first in a trilogy it's going to be a whole lot of build up. Exposition. Describing the world, making us attached to various characters, spinning a villain who can last throughout the books. As a society touting perfection, you know it's just bound to fall apart. And our protagonist is going to see it happening before it does, very astute-like. She'll be the lynch pin for society failing. She'll be the face of the good guys. And maybe it will be full of cliches, but it's off to an intriguing start.

I just hope there isn't a love triangle.

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