Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Judgment, No. 5

Before I even knew what this book was about, I knew I wanted it. Badly. That dress! It just seems...romantic--in the traditional sense of the word, a sort of idealized view of reality. And when I found out it was slightly inspired by Robert Browning's (creepy) poem, "My Last Duchess," I only wanted it more.The story of a new-money American family hoping to marry off their daughter to European royalty? It's like Edith Wharton reincarnate. And, just like pretty dresses, Edith Wharton is a weakness of mine. I love sad stories told in a beautiful way.

So I am very excited for this book. It got rave reviews for the very things I'm excited for. Like a plot secondary to character, where it's all a slow sort of ebb and flow. Yet creepy. And passionate. It's supposedly full of witticisms and refreshingly strong characters. And it's a hark back to Wharton. Which is wonderful.

Of course, it will probably be modernized, with a whole bunch of bodice-ripping and sexual tension realized. But I hope not. I hope it's as demure as Wharton was. You think, as a historical fiction novel nostalgic for those last days of American royalty, Ms Goodwin would avoid any Hollywood sort of twist. And I hope she does.

But...I'll still read it. After all, I just can't say no to a pretty dress like that. 

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