Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Judgment, No. 3

Pictorial Evidence
It's gripping, intriguing, unexpected. And it almost doesn't make sense--sleeveless in the Alps? I don't think so. But the title is Impossible, so...

But even for all the chilliness, it seems warm. Like it will be a good book to curl up with, escape into. I'm kind of excited. It has to be magical, with a swirly title like that and the girl just standing in the wind, just waiting for something. Something inevitable. I suspect drama and romance fraught with some inescapable fate. And hopefully the writing is as refreshing as the cover art.

Cover Story
We know it's about the song, "Scarborough Fair" which is all about love and tests and impossible tasks. So the question is, good or bad? Luckily, the author lets us know. Right on the cover. She actually seems to give the whole plot away: she's pregnant, she has three things to do or she'll go crazy, and she has a best friend who I'm sure will turn into such a great lover. And there's a creepy, devilish villain who has to be magical (hence the curse). 

So. The only question is what's so surprising inside, or so great about the writing, that she can afford to give the whole plot away? Because of course the main character will manage to complete all the tasks. That's just how YA works--there's a happy ending. And she'll fall in love with her best friend who will probably have some issues with her being pregnant (unless he's the reason she is...but if it's a curse, maybe the pregnancy just happens) but come around in the end. After all, this book keeps touting true love and all, so he's probably the key to her succeeding. Who knows, maybe they'll get married--seeing as she has a kid and all.

Closing Statement
The giving-everything-away ploy seems to be working: I actually can't wait to read it, to see how it all works out. It's almost like Werlin knew the plot was too predictable and cheesy to worry about making it the heart of the novel, which means the characters must be. And I love that. I already love that, even though we know what happens, something must make it an exciting journey regardless. Maybe it's a risk and maybe it won't pay off, but I think it will be an intriguing read nonetheless, with magic in the background and relationships at the forefront. 

Cool beans.

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