Monday, May 9, 2011

Verdict, No. 3

Play Off
It was everything it said it would be: a magical romance set in the modern world. And everything worked out just as promised: a (freaky) pregnancy, a friend-turned-lover (is it a spoiler to say they really did get married? Not since it happened pretty much immediately), and a devilish villain who just turned super creepy.

I don't know if I should take the credit for being so dead-on, seeing as it practically explained it all on the cover--but I will. Because, as predicted, it was about the characters. It was introspective for all of them and what was happening with the plot didn't matter so much as their reactions and opinions. And that really was what made it an enjoyable read.

The plot was crazy; if it was stripped down to mere rising and falling action, it would be way too much magic to appreciate. The characters were its saving grace. They felt real and likable enough to want to root for them. So even for all its predictability, it still felt refreshing and even, just a little bit, realistic.  

Final Score
Predictability: It told you everything but it save the heart of it (the characters) for the reader to get absorbed in. The risk of spilling the beans paid off, and the story was both original and fun with the characters both realistic and romantic.
Power: It was her ability to characterize that stole the show. Everyone felt real without being cliche or stereotypical, or too extreme in their originality. They were mostly people you would expect to be friends, and they all made sense together so you could care. Which was nice and maybe unexpected for a YA novel about magic.
Proposal: I'd recommend it to any fans of the song, any fans of strong characters, any fans of subtle magic, any fans of romance or light (very light) thrillers. I'd pretty much recommend it to anyone who wasn't looking to take things too seriously. This is a book you're meant to disappear into, not obsess seriously over.

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