Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Verdict, No. 2

Play Off
I was very much off. I should just leave it at that to spare my ego. But I won't.

First, it wasn't serious at all--it tried to be comedic and clever. There was actually a lack of melodrama and passion with the focus all on these eccentric sisters and their "witty" jokes. And there was far too much magic in it, like the freaky kind where everything happens at once and it's utter nonsense for the last few chapters before everything manages to return to normal. 

The romance? Well, she was expected to marry without a choice as to whom. And she was unhappy with that. And she did fall in love with someone almost unsuitable, but that was a side story to her other sisters' love interests. Really, her man was adorable, but as with most YA, there seems to be no real chemistry--it just had to happen that way for the plot. But that would have been forgivable had there been any sort of...romantic moment. I'm pretty sure she just curtsied. Yeah.

The villain was looking for revenge. And it was dark. And he did expect something in return. And he definitely abuses the girls' naivety. And he did try to kiss the main girl. But then it just got weird. And my vague guess can't be considered correct because it was just...crazy.

Final Score
Predictability: Besides the fact that the cover through me off--way off--once you got into the book, it was so predictable. I knew what was going to happen before any of the characters did. And most of them had no reason to do what they did, only that they were meant to do it. Because that was the plot. 
Power: Her dialogue is her strong suit. The characters felt real, even if they were cliche. It felt like something I'd read before, even if the plot took a what-the-crap-this-is-way-too-weird turn.  
Proposal: If you enjoy a softer (read: boring) romance with a gentle (read: dry) plot, go ahead. It's definitely for a younger set, or those who worshipped The Goose Girl. I mean, it wasn't bad...it just wasn't all that good either. 

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